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  • Softcover
  • Publisher: Create Space
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781543242782

A detailed description of the process of every kind of realization, the law of attraction, from quantum fields and mind, to the matter.
You have been told that your thoughts create your life. It is not enough.

You know better than that - something is always missing for the realization to be a success.

The missing link is for all the factors connecting thoughts and accomplishments to start acting together in a synchronized manner.

You will find out about them here, what they are and how to synchronize them to act in a coherent way.

The law of attraction is an innate characteristic, we always use it, it always happens, nothing outside of this can take place, it is the simple law of quantum physics. Since it always acts, the skill of attraction is actually the skill of the proper acceptance. It is inaccurately called 'the law of attraction', it should have been called 'the law of acceptance'. The art of acceptance is our ability to harmonize our entire being with a single idea.

There is a subtle deception regarding the very notion of the law of attraction, which leads us to think that we draw something to ourselves like a magnet, that something comes to us. Nothing should come to us, it already exists in parallel realities, all we have to do is adjust to one idea with our whole being for the purpose of accepting it. That is all.

In order to make our ideas come true we must become aware of all the processes they go through on their way from a single idea to materialization.

Only when we group together all the creative processes into one whole, when we begin to think in a consistent and persistent way following a certain mental pattern, when we invest our energy and when we have a clear and concrete vision of this goal, only then will we achieve it.

All the goals that have ever existed have been achieved this way. In the science of Cabala these processes are called tetragrammaton.

Everything you possess now, you have achieved in this manner, albeit unconsciously. That is the reason why you do not like it. This eye-opening book will disclose the rule of thumb in turning this process to your advantage using the conscious harmonization of all the four principles of creation.

Let us take a closer look at how to achive the state of creating your life for the better with full awareness.

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