BRITISH WEIRD: SELECTED SHORT FICTION 1893 - 1937  by James Machin (editor)

BRITISH WEIRD: SELECTED SHORT FICTION 1893 - 1937 by James Machin (editor)

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  • Softcover
  • Publisher: Handheld Classics
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781912766215

For fans of the best-selling Women’s Weird anthology comes British Weird, a new installment of stories by British writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that embrace the supernatural, horror, and the Gothic.

Curated by James Machin, the author of Palgrave Gothic's Weird Fiction in Britain, 1880 – 1939, who details the background of these stories in the Weird tradition, identifying their use of peculiarly British preoccupations in supernatural short fiction. Immense church effigies walk at night, man find a prehistoric tribe in the Scottish Highlands, canoeing on a haunted river—these are some examples of Weird stories that are uniquely British in style and content.

Authors include: 

  • E.F. Benson (“Caterpillars”)
  • Algernon Blackwood (“The Willows”)
  • John Buchan (“No-Man’s Land”)
  • Mary Butts “Mappa Mundi”)
  • L.A. Lewis (“Lost Keep”)
  • Arthur Machen (“N”)
  • John Metcalfe (“The Bad Lands”)
  • Edith Nesbit (“Man-Size in a Marble”)
  • Eleanor Scott (“Randalls Round”)

This collection is certain to thrill, entertain, and chill any fan of classic Weird fiction.